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New England Boiled Dinner

Ingredients required for New England Boiled Dinner


Corned beef brisket, 2 1/2 pound

In a bag tie 5 black peppercorn, 3 bay leaves and 3 tbsp pickling spices.

Large chunks of two peeled potatoes

Cut 3 carrots in 4 pieces

A halved onion

chunks of 2 parsnips

Chunks of 2 turnips

A cut cabbage

A tbsp of salt


Mix together spice bag, cold water and meat in large skillet and boil it.

Simmer the mixture for 2 hours.

Now add in the vegetables and salt, boil for additional thirty minutes.

For Horseradish Cream Mix the horseradish with the cream, sprinkle over the pepper sauce, salt and pepper.

At the end slice the meat and also put the grains.

Drain the broth from it and serve with the vegetables.

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