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Egg Recipes

How to Poach Eggs

What Are Poach Eggs Poach egg means a layer of egg white at the top of the egg too. Poach egg needs practice. With these easy tips you will be able to learn soon 🙂 Steps Use a nonstick skillet,pour in water, bring it to boil. Add a little vinegar …

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Frying Eggs

Frying Eggs Frying an egg is so basic thing that everyone should know either men or women. Here are some basic hacks for frying perfect egg which look delicious. Ingredients you will need fr Frying Eggs are eggs and oil to fry. For yolk up eggs All you need to do …

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Spring Frittata

Spring Frittata Ingredients 1/2 cup Stale bread cubes 8-10 eggs Half cup milk Ricotta 3/4 cup Salt and pepper Zucchini 1 cup,shredded 1 tsp Thyme,chopped Steps Preheat oven at 218 degree C. In the milk soak the stale bread cubes. Add this mixture to the beaten eggs. Now add the …

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Bake Hash-Brown Eggs

Hash-Brown Eggs Ingredients 1 chopped onion A grated potato 2 tbsp of butter Half cup cheddar cheese,grated 2 Large eggs Salsa 2-3 tbsp Cayenne pepper to taste Paprika to taste or a pinch salt and black pepper to taste Cilantro chopped Steps Preheat the oven at 218 degree C. Fry …

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How to cook Deviled Eggs recipe

Ingredients for Deviled Eggs Deviled eggs are easy to make because the thing we know the most are eggs 😉 Dozen eggs 2 tsp sweet relish 2 tsp yellow mustard 1 tbsp minced onion 4 tbsp mayonnaise Salt Pepper Paprika for dusting Tabasco sauce Directions for Deviled eggs First of all …

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