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Can You Eat Brie Skin

Can You Eat Brie Skin,Brie cheese comes from the department of Seine-et-Marne region of France formerly known as “Brie.” It is pale in color, often found with an edible white rind, and it may have a slight greyish tinge underneath the rind. Aged brie will have a stronger flavor and the rind will become crumbly. Here are some tips on how to serve this delicious, savory cheese.

Eating Brie (the Proper Way) Using it as an Ingredient

Can You Eat Brie Skin

Bake brie. There are many alternatives when it comes to baking brie. Try cranberry baked brie for a sweet, autumn twist. Cheesy goodness? Oh yeah. Good luck waiting for it to be done!
Make brie en croute. That’s when you take a small wheel of brie and cover it with puff phyllo pastry, brush it with an egg wash, and bake it until the pastry is golden. There are a billion variations — often with raspberry or other jam spread on top of the brie or with nuts thrown in. It’s effortless and yet still delicious.

Can You Eat Brie Skin Give crab stuffed salmon a try!

What could be better than baked salmon stuffed with a mellow and creamy brie filling along with peppers, onion and crisp pine nuts? Brie doesn’t have to go with sweet jams or fruits — it can be savory, too!

Consider making a pesto and cheese spread with brie. Great for casual gatherings or a snack for yourself! It can spice up any otherwise casual get-together. Brie ball, anyone? Just remember to load up on pretzels and crackers!

Put it on a sandwich. Maybe a little bacon, avocado, black forest ham, mustard, marinara sauce, basil, cranberry, mushrooms — brie practically goes with everything. Slab it on a sandwich and it would surely be delicious. Heck, make your grilled cheese sandwich with it! then¬†Can You Eat Brie Skin

Come up with your own recipe. Now that you’re familiar with the miracle that is brie Can You Eat Brie Skin, what can you think of to do with it? Throw it on a burger? Class up your french fries? Put it in your salad? At the very least use up your wheel before it goes bad!

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