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Brownie Pudding Cake

Ingredients needed for Brownie Pudding Cake


All purpose flour, 1 cup

Unsweetened cocoa powder, 2/3 cup

Baking powder, 3/4 tsp

3/4 tsp of salt

Eggs 2 and large

Granulated sugar, 1 cup

Melted and cooled, unsalted nutter, 6 tbsp

Half cup of milk

Vanilla, 1 tsp

Walnuts chopped half cup

Brown sugar, 3/4 cup

Boiling water, 1 1/3 cups

Whipping cream and chocolate for garnish


You need to preheat the oven at 176 degree C.

Take a bowl and add in the 1/3 cup cocoa powder, flour, salt and baking powder.

Take one more bowl and add in the sugar, mix in the butter, eggs, milk and vanilla, mix well.

Add the flour mixture to the other one and stir until combined.

Stir in the chopped walnuts and mix.

Greece a cake pan and pour the batter in it.

Take one more bowl and add in the remaining cocoa powder, water and brown sugar.

Apply this mixture over the batter and put in the preheated oven.

Bake it for up to 50 minutes checking at intervals with tooth pick.

When fully baked take out and serve.

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